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The complete set of special tools

Part Number Description
88713.0101 Wrench for clutch housing and drum.
88713.0102 Tool for removing and refitting valves and springs.
88713.0104 Box wrench for chain pinion locking rim.
88713.0105 Box wrench for conical gear locking rim.
88713.0107 Pinion wrench for locking rim.
88713.0108 Alternator wrench for blocking the nut.
88713.0110 Flywheel gear assembly puller.
88713.0111 Puller for bearing holder bush.
88713.0112 Protractor holding tool to check timing.
* 88713.0258 Clutch cover puller.
* 88713.0260 Rocker pin puller.
* 88713.0262 Drift for fitting rockers.
* 88713.0263 Distribution shaft wrench.
* 88713.0270 Bearing puller.

* The last five tools are the same for the overhead camshaft engine.

Figure 78

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