DRA 2001

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Bevelheads in Vegas - Ducati Revs America

Wed - Thurs - the trip down, hooking up with Tom and Ed, out on the town

Friday - meeting John, sign-up, arrival at DRA, and a look around

Saturday - the 'heads gather, so many cool people and bikes

Sunday - the concourse, and of course more bevelheads and bikes

The Museum - DRA exhibit, beautiful examples of all sorts of bevels

a few more - in keeeping with Dan's superior organising skills here's a few more that didn't make it in time to be included with the others... thanks Dan these are great.

and some more - 130 or so more great shots of DRA from Robert Welsh, not just bevels, and some from the Saturday and Sunday night gatherings at the Hard Rock and NASCAR Cafes. Thanks Robert, great pics.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in photos, Chris Collins, Seth Dorfler, Willy Gonnerson, Paul Merideth, Tom Epley, Ed Hotchkis, and others, sorry if I forgot to mention you by name.

The event was a blast, meeting all the various 'heads was the highlight of course, and a huge thank you to everyone that made it possible for Sue and I to be there. Bevelheads are a very special bunch, all of you.
Thank You!