DRA Las Vegas - the adventure begins

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00a_snow 00b_yes_thats_snow 00c_on_the_road 01_we_arrive
Wednesday morning - for you Southern types the white stuff is snow! better dig out the trailer, I don't think I'm going to ride on the road and more snow We finally arrive in Las Vegas - after 27 hours straight driving, but look no snow!
02a_unloading 02b_Tom_Rolland 02c_tom_ed 03_Toms_GT
Even Tom admits the bike doesn't look that bad! The famous Tom Rolland - so cool to finally meet him and the soon to be famous Ed Hotchkis Seeing the barbarian bike for the first time - nice Tom
04_Venetian 06_margaritaville 07_cartoon 08_GT_run
The Venitian Hotel (at night not just a bad photo) thanks Ed Tom the guide - stll looking for food, but looks like we'd found the free margaritas Back at the room - Tom denies that Sue's cartoon looks like him... of course Tom 1:00am - the perfect time to hear the GT run!
09_just_a_few_more 10_end    
Just a few more kicks And finally off to bed

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