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Despite the better roadholding of the Monster, Wilfried's favorite regular ride is his 750 GT.

Wilfried won this Monster Dark at the 1998 WDW in Bologna.

Close-up of this beautiful tank (Ducati history in pictures).


Wilfried built this 900 SS in Harris-frame from the remains of a crashed 900SS and a Steve Wynne Harris frame
kit in 1986. On the very first ride he was hit by a crazy young boy on his Suzuki and lost his left leg.
After his recovery he rebuilt the bike with a complete new frame-kit from Harris in 1990.
"The bike is fantastic to ride but awful to sit on, so I ride it very seldom."

Wilfried races the 450 Desmo racer regularly at Ducati and Classic events (with different fairings).
The 900 Darmah was ridden from 1978 - 1986. Now it is in a dismantled state (70.000km) and will
be restored sometime in the future...there is also a little Duc engine he found (only the engine) in a
very bad state, so he converted it from petrol to alcohol.
Thanks for the great photos Wilfried!