September 2001 - 2700 km - way too much fun - home

Some shots from our annual end of season ride to BC

Our goal... Wolfgang Hearter's in British Columbia

So what do you do on a ferry... we phone and get more tyres shipped out... the roads around there are just way too much fun!!

Lunch in Kaslo is a must...

...fixing fuses across the street (for the fourth time that day) however, can be missed... left to right... my dead duc... Rocket Boy's SV 650... Mr.GPS-and-every-other-gadget-known-to-man's Triumph Tiger... and the Beemer Geek's Panzer
(NOTE: Rocket Boy so named not for his speed, but the amount of money he has invested in Joe Rocket gear)

Fix number 28... Symptom - fairing decides it likes it better on the front fender, steering becomes stiff.

Fix - whittled down stick, cable ties, two pop bottles, and "duc" tape. Who says I didn't watch Blue Peter as a kid! (non Brits will fail to get this reference) Fix tested to 80mph with no problems, and only 60 miles to go!!

Unfortunately the cause of the vibration and missing that made it snap in the first place seems to have been a blown regulator rectifier resulting in a battery that finally didn't have enough oomph left to provide spark. Which occurs at around 4.6 volts for the curious. Above that it ran, but it was anyone's guess which cylinder might get spark wasn't pretty.

and yes that "duc" tape goes completely around the tank :-)


Did I fall victim to a drive-by shooting?

No... too much timing advance resulting in a nasty kickback... just one... through my leathers just above my boot... photo taken shortly after... it got worse... and boy did it hurt!... made hard and nervous work of starting the bike for the rest of the week too, not to mention making my boot a bit tight!... and you 450 singles guys think you have it bad!