Ron Verweij - Holland - home
Ron sent the following pictures for the site. Quite the Ducati family affair. I left the text in his own words... I couldn't have put it any better...
All the Ducati's we had. In our family we had the habit of riding each others bikes. We is my brothers Peter and Theo and myself. The Santa Monica and 2 singles (160 Monza Jr and my 250 see singles gallery) are still in the family.

The 350 cc Mark 3 was the bike I used on a daily basis

The 900 ss was a fast bitch - Imola crankshaft and 40 mm carbs. The tank is an 750 ss replica, the seat from a Bimota and the fairing is a Rickman.

The odd one out is the Laverda, a SFC replica with prepared engine.

The real mean machine was the Santa Monica, in top it matched any 851, the open exhaust was symphony, it wouldn't idle but what the heck. The picture is of my brother Peter at the clubraces in 1989

On the right, my brothers Yellow Sport during 10 years of intensive playing around at circuits, long trips through Europe, etc. When I was 14 I was sitting on the backseat, when I got my license I jumped on the front. I had lots of good times until I chrashed it in Austria. He bought it in 1979 with Scarab brakes, Dunstal exhausts as two seater. The Scarabs sucked and caused a crash during races in Zolder, Belgium. Rebuilding resulted in the Yellow looks as seen on the trip to Monjuich, Barcelona, somewhere on the Route National in France 1982.

The track shot is in Austria taken 1 corner before the Bimota DB1 which I was trying to pass leaving the corner blew his engine. He passed me on pure speed, I guess it was a little-bit too much tuned.

The last picture is after rebuilding it. The Yellow-Blue interpretation was my idea (you'll understand when you see my 250cc). It had a disc brake in the rear and a Super Sport fairing.