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Reproduction Verlicchi Grips and rubber goodies from Damien Birch
Quality is perfect in every way, the knobs are of the graduated pattern. The only thing missing is the "Verlicchi" trademark, for obvious reasons. The material used is very similar to the original, a little shinier and will most likely wear better!

$25 Australian (either style) currency converter
Available in either closed or open end to suit bar end mirrors or otherwise

All parts are reproductions of the original items made from quality oil resistant and UV resistant synthetic rubbers. Prices are in Australian Dollars. COD anywhere in Australia, Strictly bank cheque or money orders outside Australia. Please inquire first on postage prices ouside Australia.

Speedo/Tacho Instrument Pods to suit Smiths and Veglia instruments on early model Ducati, (around 1973-1977) such as 860GT/S, 750 SS, 900 SS and 750 Sport.

Price $30.00 Aus each. currency converter

Transducer Boots for red square shaped transducer units on models around 1975-1977 such as 750ss, 900ss and some 860 GT/S

Price $25.00 Aus each. currency converter

Marzocchi Type Fork Dust Seals to suit 38mm Marzocchi telescopic front forks on models pre- 1976 such as 750 GT, 750 Sport, Imola Replica ("green frame") and early 750ss and 900ss.

Price $25.00 Aus each currency converter

Ceriani Type Fork Dust Seals to suit 38mm Ceriani telescopic front forks on bikes such as 860GT/S and early Darmah. Also on other Italian bikes around that same era such as Laverda.

Price $25.00 Aus each. currency converter

Battery Strap to suit the widecase singles. This replica is exact in shape to the original, the end clips on the replica being made of stainless steel wire. Grippy, flexy rubber material.

Price $30.00 Aus each. currency converter

Damien has made the tooling and the passenger footpeg rubbers are in production. They are as usual the best possible, natural rubber this time, look good fit well. Never have these ever been available as a spare part, you've always had to buy the full peg, which in turn hasn't been available for years.

Price $25.00 Aus each. currency converter

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rubber wiring straps - It fits both wide and narrow case singles. They haven't been available for the best part of 20 years and were prone to breaking within 6 months. These new ones are better than the original, being made from Nitrile, a material known for its elasticity, strength, oil and heat resistance. Usually there are 4 per bike, but sometimes the manuals quote 5

Price $3.50 Aus each. currency converter

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