Shots of some very rare Ducati's - from Luca - home

Photos of some very rare Ducati's that never reached production. The photos were shot in 1998 and probably most of the bikes and motors are already or will soon be displayed at the Ducati museum.
125twin57-01 125twin57-02 4valve-bevel-01
125twin57-01.jpg 125twin57-02.jpg 4valve-bevel-01.jpg
4valve-bevel-02 4valve-bevel-03 500twin-01
4valve-bevel-02.jpg 4valve-bevel-03.jpg 500twin-01.jpg
500twin-02 bipantah-01 bipantah-02
500twin-02.jpg bipantah-01.jpg bipantah-02.jpg
bipantah-03 GP350-01 GP350-02
bipantah-03.jpg GP350-01.jpg GP350-02.jpg
GP350-03 GP350-04 GP350-7gears
GP350-03.jpg GP350-04.jpg GP350-7gears.jpg
GP350-inject GP350-pistn GP350-rod
GP350-inject.jpg GP350-pistn.jpg GP350-rod.jpg
rollah-11 rollah-12 singles
rollah-11.jpg rollah-12.jpg singles.jpg