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125_4cyl 125_4cyl_side 850_V8
Early 60's Ducati 125cc gear driven overhead cam 4 cylinder 4 valve GP race bike. Found in Russia with damaged motor, and modified frame. Morbidelli Museum is repairing and restoring it. This bike should be running by early 2003. Tourists don't usually get to see inside the restoration shop. Just think, if this had been a success we might not be riding V twins today. Fancy an 850 V8? This is the Morbidelli V8, a beautiful example of which was in the Guggenheim Exhibit.
Cucciolo Cucciolo_closeup ex_factory_racer
Ducati Cucciolo that Mr Morbidelli rode in the Giro a few years ago. Same bike, you can see it has been converted from pull rod to bevel drive overhead cam. Note the sump extension. Ducati twin cam ex factory racer
  Wow, a race car, powered by a Mach 1 Ducati single. This is currently in the storage section of the museum in Pesaro Italy. Steve was lucky to get a guided tour by the owner.