Marc Wauters - Darmah returned to former glory - home

Well here are some pics of my 1980 Darmah SD. You can see if you look closely that the tail section is a bit different than than the stock one. I didn't like the way the stock cover looked, leaving a lot of the rear vinyl seat covering exposed that was of a different type that on the front of the seat. I just felt it looked like an "afterthought". So I made a model of what I thought would look nicer. Made a mold and there there you have it.

click for larger view

I've had the bike for over 6 years now and not managed to put more than 300 miles on it...and that would a very generous guess. All I've done is work on as it was in fairly dismal shape.

The bike needed a little bit of everything besides new paint and body work which I did myself. I managed to get an original regulator from a friend in Italy.....Thanks Mario!!! And it still needs so much more to make what I want it to be. The Bevelheads list has been my single greatest resource of info on how to deal with the many aspects of getting this bike on the road and to what is now. Especially all help I got on the carbs....I had no clue the US models had a restrictor in them.

The guy I got it from had tried to "convert" it to look more like an SS and that did NOT work for me. I returned it mostly to stock as you can see. I actually got it fired up and took it out for quick spin today. Doesn't want to idle well ( never has) and it seems to back off a bit around 5000 rpm. I'm not that surprised since this is it's first run in over a year....I just have no time. I'll run a few tanks of gas through it and see if it cleans itself out. I'd hate to have to rebuild the carbs again!!!!!!!!!!!!