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group shot - cool bunch of bikes - filled the mountains with "Symphonia Italia" all weekend

Paul and Derrick's 1200 Mirage's

Marcel's SS, my GTS, and a Cagiva

Sue, Traci and a couple of RGS's

/5, Mirage, Mirage, Jota

BBQ Saturday evening - Yum

more bikes same BBQ

Marcel '82 9ooSS

650 Cagiva

Albert's Ural outfit

RGS, RGS, Sue's 9oo

and a race is on

not a bad line of bikes

gorgeous little Morini

other side

Bavarian Money Waster - R60/5

'83 1000 Jota

another '83 Jota

and another Jota!

Ron Nichols Jota

Dave Higgs Jota

Wolfgang's very nice SFC1000

very nice 1000 3-C


ride, tune, ride, repeat

Dennis's 1200 Mirage

Paul LeClair's 1200 Mirage

very nice 750SF



Paul's Mirage again

Randel's 750 SFC

too cool

I liked this bike

can you tell

and a couple more shots

of the 1000 SFC
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