Laguna Seca - home

From our perch on the hill just about all of the track was visible, a quick stroll over the crest has you at the corkscrew too...

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1_leaders 2 corkscrew
Edwards, Bostrom, Hodgson, Bayliss, and I think Haga at this point in race 2 Neil Hodgson goes by, the racing was great and the view was too... Early in race 2 Eric Bostrom leads down the corkscrew
edwards_bayliss_hodgson hillside_race_2 race_2
Edwards, Bayliss, Hodgson at the crest of the corkscrew The hillside gang, there's Hans, Sue, Mark, Rich, and Robert. Mark's girlfriend is there too, and the two guys on the left are from Mark's race team, sorry forgot your names Edwards, Bayliss, Hodgson, Haga
x_honda y_aprillia
Honda had a veritable tent city set up to display it's wears Aprillia also had a great tent display