The Pink Slip Race - home

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keys in... Tom out of breath from the run, a LeMans style start saw to that... Dan got in three good kicks thanks to beating Tom to the bikes, but she wouldn't start... but the GT roared to life... I thought Tom was so pleased he was going to blow it up... filled the tent with smoke
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Tom wasn't going to shut that thing off until everyone knew who the victor was so Tom are you pumped? Pretty in pink!
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Dan was a great sport about the whole thing too much fun guys No tongue... no tongue... I warned you about that!
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exhibiting the true spirit does he have a purse to match... on second thoughts I don't want to know! after suffering a humiliating defeat the only thing to do was leave
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What a fashion statement, I hope it doesn't catch on You da man Dan... I think... Some have maintained that Sports are girls bikes... is this the photo evidence, or how a real man starts his Sport...
and he's off... I did hear that he rode all the way home with the slip on, including a stop and discussion with a couple of innocent bystanders who must have wondered about our pink slipped boy... The Pink Slip Race Movie - MAC
Filmed by: Robert Welsh
Produced by: Ed Hotchkiss
The Pink Slip Race Movie - WIN