The get together at Tarpy's Fiday night - home

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Sue, Paul Ritter, Peter Bonner, Brad Turner, and the backs of George and Rich Paul Ritter, George Betzhold, Rich Lambrechts, Tom Rolland, Robert Welsh, Sue... Inger Keyes, Chris Hampson, Kathy and Brian Norrie
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The woman Dan claims is his wife (Sheryl), Dan Kelo, Tod and Bronwyn Rafferty, Brian and Kathy Norrie, Inger and Tim Keyes You snooze you loose George... while George naps Rich steals his burger... One talented waiter, it was even more impressive watching him serve them without dropping anything!

Dan created and awarded the "Golden Conti" Award to Tom Rolland
I will get a better shot of this so you can actualy read the Award