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01 02 05
The tent attracted a steady stream of interested visitors all weekend the other half of the display Inside the tent, that's Steve's NCR Replica in the centre and moving this way, Kurt Wier's Scrambler, and Ed's GT
06 07 brads_gt
looking the other way, that's Dan's Sport and three nice 900 SS, Tim Keyes, Mark Etheridge and Bob Milder's Another view inside the tent, can't get too much of a good thing Some of the concourse finalists, that's Brad Turner's GT in there...
brians_S2 custom_350_single custom_single
Brian Norrie's imaculate S2 Mille A tasty little 350 single custom job same 350
dan_george_sports display display_2
Dan's Sport in the foreground, George's behind, actually that's not George's behind, that's George's Sport behind Dan's One of the displays Ducati put together for the event close up of one of the diplays in the tent
ducati_island ducati_island_2 hans_750ss
lots of modern Ducatis on the Island Ducati Island was a busy place all weekend, the bikes and a few other things got lots of attention. 92,000 people at Laguna for the event. Tom Meadow's 250 single and Hans Melberg's 750ss
others_bimota others_manta others_monster
A very nice Bimota One of the more interesting bikes parked on the Island, a Bimota Manta... One of the Monsters in the concours event
robert_mine sue_darmahs tim_keene
Robert's alloy tanked 900ss, and my GTS Sue's GTS in the background, Paul Nielsen's Darmah on the right and I can't remember whose Darmah the blue one was, sorry Tim Keane's 900 SS
tim_keyes_tom x_sea_breeze_1 z_sea_breeze_2
Tim Keye's 900 SS and Tom's GT Back at the Sea Breeze, George's great Sport, with mine and Sue's bikes the rest of the Sea Breeze crowd, Robert's SS is missing