The bevelheads - home

(standing) Tim Keyes, Barry Ferris, Dan Kelo, Brian Norrie, Paul Nielsen, George Betzhold, two guys I don't know, Steve Allen,
Brad Turner, fellow whose name escapes me (sorry), Ken Ward, Megan Ward,
(front row) Mark Etheridge, Kieth Hale, Tom Rolland, Me, Sue, Robert Welsh

02 03 04
Sue and Hans Melburg who graciously put us up at his house Monday night... some very nice bikes at Hans' house :-) I think that's Brad Turner and Tom So show us that moose call again Chris, or was that a helicopter... Chris Hampsen, Paul Nielsen, Steve Allen
05 06 07
Now here's a rum bunch... Rich Lambrechts, Robert Welsh, and Tom Meadows Rich and Robert in the tent The one and only Paul Ritter
08 09 10
Taking carbon fibre to new heights... our very own Kurt Wier Ah! Mark Etheridge seems to attract all the good looking women, must be the shorts, or maybe the tatoos! Bob Milder (on the bike) and Tod Rafferty
11 12  
Some of the 'heads staying at the Sea Breeze, Peter Bonner, Sue, Me, George Betzhold, Rich Lambrechts, just after we hid Tom's GT frame! Ooops... looks like Sue still needs that buckle Tom...