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Sue presented Bostrom with a sweatshirt on behalf of the bevelheads He was amazed that we wanted to give him something. Ben got to sit on it, but Rich got to ride it!
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Believe it or not he had no idea what a bevlehead was, either our group or the bikes! Autographing Peter's Ducati sign ... and then getting an education in beveldom
One of the highlights, Ben meets our own Paul Ritter, winner of the very first Superbike race at Sears Point in 1977, then won it again in 1978. Paul had two races at Laguna, on a 900SS, and placed 4th in 1977 (the first AMA Superbike race at Laguna) and second in 1978, setting the Superbike lap record during that race, when he had to run down the leaders after getting a miserable start, then finished in 2nd place, only about 10 feet behind Wes Cooley's Yoshimura Suzuki.