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I noticed with familiarity the phantom_ducman photos

I was at Jeff Nash's open house a few weeks back. March 16, 2002 His place is about 1.5 hours ride from me. Prior to the open house , Jeff spent time with me and my boys showing us around and answering all kinds of questions. Very nice fellow. Beautiful bikes, and some good pictures of the 750 SS's.

Best Regards Joe

Yes, very nice thanks Joe. It's great too see some the shots of the Spaggiari Imola bike now that the engine is in the frame, thanks. - Rene

P0000464 P0000465 P0000466 P0000467
P0000468 P0000469 P0000472 P0000473
P0000474 P0000475 P0000477 P0000479