"Battle of the Twins" racing - Japan - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

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Hiroshi went to the BOTT races in Japan and sent in these pictures and report, thanks Hiroshi...

In March 21 I went to see BOTT (battle of the twin) motor cycle race in Japan, I saw some nice classic racer in there and I found great bevel driven Ducati Racer was entree in fastest class of race (called expert twin class). The bevel racer was in competition with 916, Honda VTR sp-1 production racer and Aprilia RSV1000 etc.

Typically Race bikes entried expert twin class are allowed modification their flame and can use slick tires. I guess the race is very similar to BOTT held in Assen Holland and Daytona USA.

The great Bevel racer is based MHR and sub flame was added in under crank case. The most interesting modification is 2 in 1 exhaust system. It's a little pity that the great bevel twin race bikes finished last. but I feel respect the constructor and rider's enthusiasm.

Other pics are TT class entried bikes. (TT class is race of classic bikes had made before 1967)

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