Ismo Hakamaki - Finland - home
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As quoted from Ismo - "Here are some pics from my friends latest restoration. His name is Seppo Rajakoski and he has 5 Ducatis, 125, F3 and 250 Mach1, plus 350 Mark 3D racer and streetbike and Cuccliolo. Now he is building a shortstroke 350 (450 top end + 250 bottom). The man in the last F3 picture is bikes first owner and racer from 1959, not Seppo. There is also one picture of a Marianna type 125 Grand Prix Ducati (see text at bevelcover). This bike is in Sweden. I add also some different beveldrive bikes, 250 CZ and own made Swedish 125 Rea."
Thanks for the photos Ismo!