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Author - Hans Barnar, one of the early members of the Dutch Ducati Club rode the 100,000 km between April 1976 and June 1982.

Rough translation of Dutch by Ron Verweij

Unbelievable! 100000 kilometers with a 860 without opening the Engine and other problems. To be honest that was something I never expected even in my most positive dreams. When people ask me how I've done it I cannot find a good answer, most probably it is my riding style; easy and calm. Almost 75% of using the bike was commuting traffic and the rest making pleasure trips or go on Holiday to the UK.

During the 100000 kilometers I've made a short list of which parts have been replaced or what repairs where executed.

Part Kilometer Remark
Bike, purchased 18-April-1976 0    
Statorplate replaced 4000 Guarantee
Headlight unit replaced 48000 Totally rusted
Statorplate replaced 51000 Problem
A broken electric cable ? Twice
Electric switches and contact leakage     Cleaning and silicone spraying once a year
Chains and chaingears 11000    
    30000 A closed oil bath chainguard mounted
    30000-100000 No new chain or gears
Exhaust pipes - left 17000 Rust never sleeps (no Conti's)
- right 30000    
- left and right 45000    
- right 61000    
- balance part + mountings 95000
Clutch Replaced plates 45300    
Oil , oil filter, Battery, etc. Every 5000 km changed (Castrol GTX), change oil filter, valve setting, battery control, clean bike
Frontfork Replaced fork seals 22300 Fork oil refreshed every 20000 km
Rubber fork protecting tube 98750    
Brakepads refreshed 26930    
Airfilter elements 20000    
    82500 K&N elements mounted
Tires Mezler Block C66        
-rear 11000    
-rear 20000    
-rear + front 30000    
    30000-100000 Every 12000 km new rear tire
Fuel tank and seat 96000 Decals changed, seat upholstered
1 Bottle of Champagne 100000 June 1982
After 100000 kilometers        
oil usage; 1 L/5000 km
gasoline; 6,1 L/100 km (was 5,5L/100 km at 0 km)
Not racing and still Champagne and a Prize, the Dutch Ducati Club honored this special event and was present at the 99999-0 milestone. A special thanks to the dealer Rob Noorlander who perfectly service and supported the bike during 6 years, eventhough not much was needed.

In the end I hope that all these praise for the 860 GTS convinced those that hesitate to continue ride Ducati's. All those bad stories proved to be wrong and I've showed that. Every kilometer of the 100000 are the living proof of that.
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