George Farncomb - 160 Monza Jr. - Canada - home

My very good friend George Farncombe built this really cool 160 Monza Jr. custom. I am trying to find the before pictures, because it gave Richard's "Duke of Rot" a run for it's money. We did everything we could to try and persuade George to leave the rusting pile of junk right where it was, behind the shed, even if it was free! George is kind of stubborn when he gets an idea, which it turns out is a good thing, he sure proved us wrong with this little 160. Half the motor parts he either repaired or fabricated from scratch, the right side rear case half is from another model but he machined it to fit, the clutch arm pivot assembly was broken out, he built it all up and machined it back to original. There are almost more George manufactured parts than Ducati parts.

I got to test pilot it on it's maiden voyage, a 20 or so mile run in the badlands of Alberta and it was a blast. Way too much fun for 160cc bike!

Sadly George passed away in 2008 and left me the little 160... it sits with me everyday, in my office, and reminds me of what I lost...

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