Setting the float levels in DellOrto carbs - home

To set the correct float level position:

for connected floats, hold the Carburetor body in the position shown in fig. 13 and check that the float is at the correct distance from the Carburetor body face as specified in the table.

for the floats with independent parts, hold the Carburetor upside down (fig. 14) and check that the float arm is parallel to the Carburetor face.

Whenever the float or float-arm position does not correspond to the proper specified level setting or is not parallel to the float chamber face, bend the float arms carefully to set the correct position.

float position mm
PHBG 16.5 + 15.5
PHBL 24.5 + 23.5
PHBH 24.5 + 23.5
PHBE 18.5 + 17.5
PHF 18.5 + 17.5
PHM 18.5 + 17.5

fig. 13
fig. 14