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Joris sent some more pics (with captions) from the 1st Annual Dutch Dyke Blast and I thought I'd include his note too...

Here are the pictures I took in the museum and at the Motorcycle Company. I left out the ones you allready have on the site but I thought there might be one here you like too. Like Kurt looking for his favorite tool :-)

p.s.: You can send me 50% of what you get from blackmailing him :-)
IM000074 IM000075 IM000076 IM000077
God, I love this bike... The 50cc museum; what I would put in my living room,they put on a pole outside... To much to see in one day, yes they have regular visitors... ...and they will be busy for a while :-)
IM000078 IM000082 IM000086 IM000088
Screamer from the flatlands, better tape up the windows when this one gets started a bit smaller than an army-boot... so that's why they have lousy brakes took this one for Tom, imagine going to WDW on this Condor? I do Husky on-off-road
IM000092 IM000093 IM000094 IM000096
???? The 'heads enjoying the scenery Kurt - "Sure! I'll fix the headlight, you check the tires!" small oil leak on the bevel-tower, we made Kurt stay in the car