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1958 125 F3

I completely restored the bike and rode it in the 2000 Milan to Taranto event.

Although these bikes look very similar to the road machines there are very few parts which are interchagable with them. The brakes are a hand down from the first 100/125 Mariannes, the forks are 35mm Bonazzi, the engine all internals are lightened and of special design. The seat, tank, munguards, exhaust are all different and it was a nightmare to find even the design of the missing parts.

I got interested in bikes in the late 50s, and met a earlier friend from school again in the early 60s, he had a ducati 250 which he had bought from the UK importers in Manchester. This was the company called Kings and was owned by the father of Mike Hailwood. I think I bought the last 175 Silverstone Super they had in the shop. I had this bike for some years. It eventually got sold at some time in the late 60s when I moved to Holland. I got interested in the bikes again and in 1980 started riding them again.

Great bike and a great story too, thanks Alan