Original Factory Sales Material - 750 GT - James DeRaeve

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This original brochure was loaned to James to scan by the owner Tony Brancato, of Brancato Engineering fame (+44 1865 891 203 - shameless plug)

Tony received it from the factory in '71 or early '72 when he went to collect his new GT and he's kept it safely ever since.

Interestingly enough he says he was given it (along with some other stuff) because the bike he picked up new was, shall we say, less ... than perfect - he had to turn back after a 100 miles or so as it was burning so much oil, turned out one of the heads was porous, the stand fell off in France, and on the cross channel ferry a tie down damaged the paintwork - he arrived home with a very used looking bike and promptly rebuilt the motor. The joys of Ducati ownership, does't look like it was any better then! Thank you Tony, and James for the great scans. Oh and by the way, if any one wants to have a stab at translating it, I'll gladly add it.

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