1967-70    Ducati Singles Workshop Manual Index

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Front Cover (in colour)

Title page


Main Specifications Carburetor Page 4
Electrical System recharge installation Page 5
  diagram - check advance on regulator Page 6
  diagram - check of elect. regulator Page 7
Motorcycle Dismantling engine dismantling Page 8
Overhaul and LImits of Wear clutch springs and starter Page 8
Tables of Wear clearances between cylinder and piston Page 9
  clearances between piston and gudgeon pin Page 10
  axial clearance
assembly of compression rings and oil-scrapers
Page 10
  tolerence - piston rings, oil-scrapers, gap Page 11
  assembly clearance
gudgeon pin and connecting rod
Page 11
  radial/axial tolerences
assembly - connecting rod and crank pin
Page 11
  clearances between valve-stem and valve-guide Page 11
  clearances between rocker pin and rocker bush Page 12
  clearances between bush and rocker Page 12
  needle valve springs Page 12
Reassembling Engine fitting bushes, assembling timing bevel gear, gear box
closing crancase
Page 12
  diagram - assembly of fly-wheel-magneto,
kick starter, clutch housing
Page 13
  diagram - kickstarter gear, cylinder head Page 14
  checking timing Page 15
  setting ignition advance, fitting spark plug Page 16
Reassembling Motorcycle   Page 16
Troubles, Their Origin and Repair   Page 16
Tools   Page 16
Addition to Workshop Manual   Page 17
Index   Index
Back Cover (in colour)