1974 - 750 "Greenframe" Ducati Super Sport

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Arguably the most desireable Ducati of them all... the 1974 750 Super Sport "Greenframe".

The exact number of original "greenframes" produced is hotly contested. The commonly accepted figure in the US is 200, but elsewhere most agree the number is higher, possibly as high as 411. Likely this stems from the idea that originally Ducati wanted to build only 25, then 50, then 200 then 250 and after that they gave up commenting and just built as many as they could sell. Which certainly sounds like Ducati. Regardless of the exact number produced many survive to this day, occasionally they come up for sale, and usually for exorbitantly inflated prices. Desirability sets it's own price, with motorcycles as with all rare and beautiful things. Oh well, it's nice to imagine "what if"...